Kellie Cason O'Connor is a fine arts film photographer based in Pueblo, Colorado. Kellie holds a fine arts degree from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design studying photography under notable photographers such as Laura McPhee, Nicholas Nixon, Frank Gohlke, Barbara Bosworth, and Abelardo Morell

O’Connor’s works consist of imagery that addresses the reclamation of nature and the relational aspects between humankind and nature. Her interests lie mainly in a loose documentary style of photography. Other projects include works based in her Appalachian roots, documentary work of the Quiche Mayan culture based in Guatemala, and documenting small communities in collaboration with public history projects. Kellie's works have appeared in Revista: Harvard Review of Latin America, Colorado Heritage, Lenscratch, Fototazo, Update, and F-Stop Magazines.

The images are created primarily through the use of a 4x5 view camera and a Mamiya 7 II medium format rangefinder. All images are created using Kodak Portra film.