Guatemala is a series of hope and perseverance. The military atrocities and ethnic hostilities the Mayans have survived still whisper in the hot, wet air of Guatemala, yet the people rise up and greet each day with hope and pride. 

In this series, I photograph the indigenous community as it is emerging from its suppression and once again openly accepting traditional dress and language, while at the same time embracing elements of modernity.  Nowhere is this unique combination of tradition and modernity more evident than in the lives of the children.  Indeed the power and future of this culture can be seen within them.  The children in these photographs exude an aura of history, perseverance, and change.  The children carry the strength of their people in the way they define the space in which they live and grow. While the landscapes in this body of work show the environment and the material conditions of life,  the portraits reveal both the legacy of tradition and the possibilities for the future in the silent power of the children’s faces.

 -Kellie Cason O'Connor

“Remember us after we have gone. Don’t forget us. Conjure up our faces and our words. Our image will be as dew in the hearts of those who want to remember us.”

                                                                                                -Popul Vuh